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5 signs you need a new roof

neighbors getting new asphalt shingles on roof of house

It’s not always obvious that you need a new roof. Some signs are only visible from on top of your roof, other signs are visible from the ground. So, how do you know? 1. Missing granules Sometimes you don’t have to get on your roof to see signs that you need a new roof. Sometimes…

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5 signs your gutters need repair

a cracked gutter on a house that's leaking rainwater

It’s important to spot a failing gutter or downspout as soon as possible. If a gutter or downspout is failing, it can lead to big and expensive problems. Get your gutters repaired if you spot any of the below signs: 1. Overflowing gutters Overflowing gutters is very common. This happens when your gutters (or downspouts)…

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Granules on the ground are a sign you might need a new roof

asphalt shingle granules on ground

There are many signs that your roof might need attention. Some signs are obvious, such as a leaking ceiling. Other signs of a potential roofing problem aren’t quite as obvious.   The rain. A client of ours recently got some rain. A lot of rain. A lot of rain in a short period of time.…

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New house roof with Oakridge Shasta White shingles in Lakewood, CO

new house roof oakridge shasta white

We installed this new roof on this house in Lakewood, Colorado this fall 2017. The installed shingle was Owens Corning Oakridge Shasta White. We install a ton of Owens Corning shingles and are a Platinum contractor with them. This allows us to offer our customers extended warranty coverage that other companies in the area simply…

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Cheyenne New house roof with Duration Chateau Green shingles

new house roof cheyenne duration chateau green

Take a look at this Duration Chateau Green roof we installed on a house in Cheyenne earlier this fall. Instead of painting the penetrations green, we opted to use powder coated black vents and accessories so they wouldn’t peel. Working in Cheyenne is difficult for many contractors because of the elements and the hurdles to…

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New house roof install Fort Collins Owens Corning Oakridge Onyx Black

new house roof installation Fort Collins Lomanco-Omni-roll ridge vent

We installed this new roof on this house in October, 2017, with Owens Corning Oakridge Onyx Black color. We installed Lomanco Omni Roll ridge vent to increase attic ventilation. This roof was replaced due to hail damage in the area, caused by the storm in May 2017. When roofing later in the season, we monitor…

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Replaced exposed fastener metal roof for Boulder, Colorado home owner

new house roof Boulder Colorado exposed fastener metal

We replaced this exposed fastener metal roof earlier in the Summer of 2017, for a home owner outside of Boulder, Colorado. It was a Flatiron Steel 26ga. TufRib panel. The color was originally a green, but the home owner liked the blue, instead. Luckily we were able to install the new flashing behind the siding without…

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