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There are several advantages to pre-cut sectional gutter systems, such as those from Home Depot and Lowe’s. Probably the biggest is that they are available spur-of-the-moment; you can go and get them when you need them. We feel, however, that there are some disadvantages that should be considered.

Advantages to pre-cut sectional gutter systems


They’re available spur-of-the-moment. Right now, at this very moment, at your local Home Depot or Lowe’s or other hardware store, it’s a safe bet there are sections of pre-cut gutter ready for you to purchase and take home.


At 10′ long, pre-cut gutters are short enough that they’ll fit into the bed of even a short bed pick-up truck or SUV.

What’s more, since sectional gutters come in 10′ long sections, they are short enough for you to install by yourself.


The price is also appealing, at under $9 for a 10′ section of K-style gutter from Home Depot.

a pre-cut sectional gutter system on a small building

Disadvantages to pre-cut sectional gutter systems

More joints

Unless you have a 10′ building to put the pre-cut 10′ gutter on, you’re going to need multiple 10′ sections to complete your gutter. Joints such as between 10′ sections, between a section of gutter and a slip connector, between a gutter section and the drop section, end caps. More joints means more possible leaks.

More time

Connecting all the pieces of a pre-cut sectional gutter system takes more time. Let’s assume you only need the minimum number of pieces for a pre-cut gutter system from Home Depot (1 section of 10′ gutter, 1 slip connector, 1 drop section, and 2 end caps). It’s going to take more time to connect all these pieces compared to a seamless gutter.

Inconsistent leveling

The more pieces you have, such as sections of gutter and slip connectors, the more joints you have that will bend, even if it’s only slightly. That joint is a weak point that will sag, and any sagging or low sections will collect water and freeze.

Vinyl gutters

vinyl gutter damaged from hail

vinyl gutter damaged from hail

vinyl gutter broken from hail

vinyl gutter damaged from hail

Vinyl gutters are never a good idea. They are not as strong as steel or aluminum. They easily break or crack when hit by hail. They become brittle after a short period of time from the sun and changing temperatures.


Although there are a few advantages to pre-cut sectional gutters, we feel the disadvantages outweigh them. Especially considering that we will ‘chop and drop’, that is form and cut, a seamless gutter to your location, the exact length you require 🙂