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We all know the roof on your house is very important. It protects your family, your belongings, and your investment. However, you might not think about it until something goes wrong. Time and weather can wear down your roof, especially in Colorado. Hail, snow, rain and wind can reduce your roof to a collection of leaks and broken shingles. That's why it's critical to start with a high-quality residential roof and keep it maintained.

Why choose Bob Behrends Roofing?

We know there are a lot of roofing companies out there for you to choose from. Here are just a few things that set us apart from the rest:

  • We offer a 5-year workmanship guarantee.
  • We are a Preferred Contractor of Owens Corning.
  • We do not ask for payment until you're satisfied.
  • We are fully covered with general liability insurance.
  • Proven track record. Read our Google reviews.

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Our Residential Roofing Process

residential roofing

1. Free Roof Inspection

Often, our residential roofing process starts with a free roof inspection. We need to inspect your roof first to determine if it needs to be replaced or repaired. If you're home during or after the inspection, we will discuss with you what we found on your roof.

2. Estimate

Once back at our office, we'll put together an estimate that includes what work needs to be done and email it to you. If your roof needs to be replaced, we'll also send you roofing material options, such as colors, warranty options, etc.

3. Sign Contract/Agreement

If you've decided to work with us, and you've chosen your roofing material options, you'll sign the contract and send it back to us.

4. Order Materials

After receiving your signed contract, we will order the materials you've chosen. We will let you know approximately when materials will arrive and when work will begin. We offer all major residential roofing types, including asphalt shingles, tile, and metal.

5. Work Begins

We will try to contact you the day before, or the morning of, work is to begin. Removing and installing a new roof requires hammering, drilling, stapling, etc. So expect some noise while we remove your old roof and install the new one. Most house roof replacements are complete within 1 to 2 days. What we need to start the roofing job:

  1. Access to driveway and outside electrical. We will need to park a dumpster as close to the roof for the old roofing materials, and we will need power for our power tools.
  2. If you have anything in your attic or unfinished garage that you do not want us to get dirty, please move it. Debris falls down through decking, especially spaced decking, during the roofing process.
  3. If you have a satellite dish, please plan on scheduling with the dish provider to have the dish realigned because we may have trouble getting a signal. You may incur a cost for this, so please check with your satellite provider.
  4. Replacing a roof can be really messy. Once the new roof is on, we try out best to walk around the outside of the house to sweep and pick-up any debris.

6. Job Done!

Once all the work is done, someone will come-out to inspect the new roof or roof repairs to make sure everything was completed satisfactorily. At this time, you, as the homeowner, will also have an opportunity to sign an agreement stating that you, too, are satisfied. We do not ask for any money from our customers until they are completely satisfied with the job.

Our Residential Roofing Guarantee

5- Year Workmanship Guarantee

Up to 5 years; our guarantee covers any issue or leaks, excluding hail damage or stipulation that are in the contract.

5 to 10 years; the manufacturer warranty covers 100% replacement due to defective material (not leaks due to workmanship.)

10 years until the roof needs replaced; the shingle warranty is a material only warranty and is depreciated by time.

Our workmanship guarantee is held in our system by address and doesn't need to be transferred if the home is sold.

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