Standing Seam Metal Roofing

If you’re looking for an attractive roof that lasts a long time because it’s so durable, you’re looking for standing seam. Standing seam metal roofs fit right in here in Colorado. Along with corrugated/PBC, no other roof says ‘Colorado’ than standing seam. It’s called ‘standing seam’ due to the 1 to 2 inch tall seams where the panels overlap.

a new standing seam metal roof on a house

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long lasting

Standing seam and corrugated/PBC metal roofs often last 70 years or more.

low cost

Although metal roofing costs more initially, it often costs less long-term.

Most Colors
color wheel

We offer standing seam metal roofing in dozens of colors.

Energy Efficient
energy efficient

Sheet metal roofing, such as standing seam, helps to lower your utility bill.

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There’s a reason sheet metal roofs, such as standing seam and corrugated/PBC, are used so much on farms and in the agriculture industry – because they’re so durable and low maintenance. These roofs often last 70 years or more because they’re highly resistant to hail, wind, snow, fire, rot and UV radiation.

Sheet metal roofing is also available in more colors than any other roof. Most traditional asphalt shingles are available in a dozen colors, at most. Standing seam, on the other hand, is available in dozens of colors, such as aged copper, slate gray, sierra tan, patina green, as well as weathered colors.

What’s more, at the end of thier life, a metal roof is recyclable. Although asphalt shingle manufacturers offer a shingle recycling program, none are available here in Colorado. Metal recycling centers, on the other hand, are available all along the Colorado Front Range, and we regularly take old metal roofs there.

If you’re looking for a qualified installer of standing seam metal roofs in Colorado, you’re at the right place. We’ve installed countless standing seam metal roofs from Cheyenne, Wyoming to Colorado Springs, Colorado. One advantage of hiring Bob Behrends Roofing to install your new standing seam metal roof is we form and cut each sheet for you for a precise fit.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

Standing seam roof installation in Colorado takes longer then, for example, traditional asphalt shingles. This is partly due to the fact that each sheet is measured and cut for a precise fit. Also, screws are used for installation instead of nails. Screws take longer to drive than nails. Screws offer superior holding power over nails. Prevailing winds are also taken into consideration when installing a standing seam roof.

We have a dedicated residential roofing crew with experience installing standing seam. We have installed standing seam roofs onto apartment buildings, residential homes, medical buildings, and more. As with all of our roof installations, we guarantee our standing seam workmanship for up to 5 years.

Who is Standing Seam For

A standing seam roof is for anyone who doesn’t have a flat roof. This includes most homes and outbuildings, most medical offices, portions of hospitals and medical buildings, and more. A flat roof is one with a pitch of 2/12 or less. Metal roofing is initially more expensive than other roofs. 2 to 3 times as much, in fact. However, since it often lasts 2 to 3 times as long, it’s often less expensive in the long run.

Do you know homes with a sheet metal roof have attics that are 25º cooler than homes with a traditional asphalt shingle roof?

Advantages of Standing Seam

  • Long-Lasting
  • Most Durable
  • Recyclable
  • More Color Options
  • Cool/Energy Efficient
  • Often Costs Less in the Long Run

Standing seam metal roofing has many advantages: it requires fewer fasteners than other roof coverings, it uses screws instead of nails to secure to the roof deck (screws offer better holding power), metal roofing is recyclable (traditional asphalt shingles aren’t), it’s lightweight, it’s the coolest roof covering since it has highest heat emittance and solar reflectivity, it’s available in dozens of colors, has a Class-A fire rating and a Class-4 impact rating (highest ratings available), is high-wind resistant, and it often costs less long term because it lasts so much longer than other roof covers.

Standing Seam Profiles

Our standing seam metal roofing panels/sheets are formed from 24ga and 26ga steel, and cut to the inch for a precise fit. We usually determine which profile is best based on the location and orientation of the building to the prevailing wind, and the pitch of your roof. Everything is pre-finished with our paint warranty. Contact us with any questions or to place your order.


Colors may vary slightly from finished product. These colors are produced with either Kynar 500® or Hylar 5000® resins and provide superior color retention, which allows us to offer non-pro-rated coating warranties for most applications. (Coating/finish warranties may vary for specific colors; please contact us for more information.)

24-gauge PVDF Energy-Efficient Roof, Wall, and Trim Colors

Metallic Colors

Non-Painted Acrylic-Coated Galvalume®

24-gauge metal roof color acrylic coated galvalume
acrylic coated galvalume

Weathered Colors

26-gauge PVDF Low-Gloss Roof, Wall, & Trim Colors