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Advantages and disadvantages of pre-cut sectional gutter systems

a pre-cut sectional gutter system on a small building

There are several advantages to pre-cut sectional gutter systems, such as those from Home Depot and Lowe’s. Probably the biggest is that they are available spur-of-the-moment; you can go and get them when you need them. We feel, however, that there are some disadvantages that should be considered. Advantages to pre-cut sectional gutter systems Spur-of-the-moment…

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Advantages and disadvantages of seamless gutters

a seamless gutter on a house

If you’re about to purchase and install pre-cut sectional gutters from your local hardware store, you should stop and consider seamless gutters. There are several advantages to them, and only a couple minor disadvantages. Advantages to seamless gutters No seams The first and obvious advantage of seamless gutters is that they are seamless. They have…

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Commercial roofing shingles

asphalt shingles on commercial building

If you have a commercial building that has a sloped roof (non-flat), or you’re having a commercial building built that will have a sloped roof, you might be considering commercial roofing shingles. But, what are they? Are commercial roofing shingles different from residential roofing shingles? We hear some talk in the community about ‘commercial roofing…

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High wind resistant roofing materials for sloped roofs

asphalt shingles blowing in wind

If you’re shopping around for high wind resistant roofing materials for your house or small office, consider the following options. Although asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material, they are not the only material available. Why is a high wind resistant roof important? High winds are common along the Colorado Front Range, especially in…

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Roof wind damage

Here in Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming, we can get some strong winds. Especially in the Fall and Spring. High winds can cause to roof wind damage. You wouldn’t think the wind can damage a roof, but it can. So, what does wind roof damage look like? How do you protect your roof from roof-damaging…

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How and where to properly attach Christmas lights to your house

christmas lights at night hanging from gutter

It’s that time of the year, to hang Christmas lights from your house. Maybe you’ve been hanging them the same way for years and you don’t know of another way, or you’re new to hanging Christmas lights and you’re wondering how to do it. I know this article isn’t really about roofing or gutters, but…

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Flat roof repair

photo of water pooling on a flat roof

Flat roof repairs don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Often, costly flat roof repairs can be avoided with regular inspections and maintenance. What are my flat roof repair options Your flat roof repair options depend upon the membrane you have. If we are patching a flat roof, we use the original material.…

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Are impact resistant shingles worth the additional cost

If you’re shopping around for new asphalt shingles for your roof, and wondering if impact resistant shingles are worth the additional cost, keep reading. Below, we cover what they are, if they’re worth the additional cost, how much more they cost, and what the advantage is. What are impact resistant (IR) shingles? Impact resistant shingles,…

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Can you roof over existing shingles?

two layers of roofing shingles

Sometimes we’re called out to quote a residential roofing project and we find that someone has roofed over existing shingles. That is, they’ve installed new shingles over old, damaged or worn-out ones. Often when we see this, we learn that it was the homeowner that installed the new shingles over the old ones, and not…

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