This job was completed last summer in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado. The customer decided to replace an old and worn out shake roof with this TufRib exposed fastener metal roofing system by Flatiron Steel. Forest Green was the color chosen, and the TufRib panel was chosen based on it’s price, availability, and it’s aesthetics.

While many people install standing seam roofing on residential buildings, there are many options available to the consumer including concealed and exposed fastener metal roofing systems. Concealed fastener panels often give the look of a standing seam panel at a reduced cost. Exposed fastener such as this job are the most economical of roofing systems to install.

Getting to this cabin was a bit of a challenge logistically, but the finished product is clean and should shed water for many years to come!









Here are a few pictures of an Inland Coatings RC2000 job completed in Greeley this fall. The existing roof was PVC and after a pull test was verified, we coated the entire roof. The existing roof was at the perfect age to be coated and not too far along in the aging process. Many people wait too long to coat their roof and moisture within the old roof can damage the new coating. After installation of the RC2000, the roof gained additional reflective value as well as additional life. An optional 10 year warranty is available on this coating.

When choosing a coating, keep in mind that petroleum or silicone based coatings are going to be a better long term solution to your coating needs. Elastomeric coatings contain a large amount of water and shrink over time, this causes the coating to be a continuing maintenance issue and requires a re-coat every 1-2 years.





Here are a few pictures of a recently completed job in Loveland, Colorado. Please call us today for help deciphering your insurance claim, we understand it’s quite the process for untrained eyes! Bob Behrends Roofing has been serving Northern Colorado since 1983 and is family owned and operated. We strive to respect your home as if it were ours and provide you with a satisfactory job upon completion. Call us today at 970-395-0406.

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This is a porch/patio roof that was done here in Greeley with a 24ga concealed fastener metal roof. The customer was having issues with leaking prior to install and wanted to class up the roof a bit, what do you think?

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Bob Behrends Roofing has a dedicated flat roofing crew that is comprised of entirely employees. This allows us to service our customers to a higher degree and provide exceptional flat roofing services. We can tackle your new construction modern build or older commercial building with a variety of flat roofing products such as EPDM, TPO, and PVC roofing single ply membranes. Call Bob Behrends Roofing today for your free estimate, or feel free to e-mail us a set of plans through our Contact page.

Denver flat roofing

Denver flat roofing project. This utilized a .060 EPDM membrane and custom flashing on the perimeter.

We were recently awarded a Gold Star Award from the Better Business Bureau. These are given to contractors who don’t have any complaints filed in 3 consecutive years! We strive to maintain our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau by ensuring our customers are 100% satisfied when the job is completed. While it is inevitable that problems and obstacles will arise during the roofing project, we will continue to persevere and take care of our customers!


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We completed this re-roofing project a few weeks back due to the hail storm in Aurora, Colorado late last year. Notice that the roof penetrations were painted to match the shingles and the drip edge is matching the trim. It made for a nice and clean final product. Bob Behrends Roofing is an Owens Corning Platinum contractor and works up and down the Front Range from Colorado Springs to Cheyenne, Wyoming. Call us today for your roofing needs, we specialize in re-roofing projects as well as new construction and repairs.



Here are a few pictures of a roof we recently completed in Aurora, Colorado. We think it turned out great! The roof was replaced with an Owens Corning shingle after it was damaged in a hail storm last year, flashings and drip edge were also replaced. All of the flashings were painted to match the roof. Remember, we do re-roofs up and down the Front Range from Colorado Springs to Cheyenne, including the entire Denver-Metro area. Call us today for your free consultation and estimate!


Not all roofs are the same. Special care needs to be taken in order to provide a solid roofing system on you home. Bob Behrends Roofing can help solve nagging roof issues and give you different solutions to these problems. Bob Behrends Roofing has been serving northern Colorado since 1983, and is family owned and operated. Give us a call today!

Spring is upon us! Call and get your Fort Collins or Greeley re-roofing project on the schedule!