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A lot of things can damage your roof and lead to roof repairs. For example, a strong gust of wind can pick-up a patio umbrella and punch a hole in your roof (actually happened to a client of ours). A dead tree branch can fall into your roof and damage the shingles. Swaying tree branches can wear out a section of your roof.

roof damage, hole in shingle roof

hole in roofing shingles from umbrella

Most roof damage appears to be ok to the untrained eye. Sometimes it takes a roofing professional to spot a roof that needs repair. You can inspect your roof yourself, or you can contact us for a free roof inspection. It’s better to be safe and get your roof inspected by a professional than to ignore it and hope everything is ok.

When we can inspect your roof for free, you have nothing to lose. With over 30 years in the roofing business, we know what to look for. If your roof is found to not need any repairs, we’ll let you know that, too.

How do you know if your residential roof needs repair?

Sometimes your house roof doesn’t need to be completely replaced. Sometimes it just needs to be repaired. Below are a few signs that your house roof needs repair.

4 signs your residential roof needs repair:

  1. Hole(s) in your roof
  2. Broken or Missing single(s)
  3. Unsealed Shingle(s)
  4. Shingle Damage (e.g. from a tree or debris)

How to tell if your roof is leaking:

The above problems can lead to a leaking roof. Below are 5 signs your roof is leaking.

  1. Stain or wet spot on your ceiling
  2. Moisture or mold in the attic
  3. Wet roof deck
  4. Water or rust around a stove pipe
  5. Defective metal flashing

If your roof is found to be in need of repair, it will be important to implement those repairs right away. Small damages, if left un-repaired, can lead to bigger and more expensive problems later.

Feel free to contact us for a free roof inspection and/or estimate.

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