New Residential Roof

If you’re in the market for a new residential roof for your house, it’s an exciting time! There are new roofing materials to consider other than traditional asphalt shingles, such as stone-coated metal shingles and standing seam sheet metal. These metal roofing products last a lot longer than traditional shingles, often making them less expensive than asphalt shingles.

Almost all roofing product manufacturers have an EnergyStar Rated option. Owens Corning has three energy saving shingles in Shasta White. Westlake Royal Roofing has their Barrel Vault stone-coated metal shingles in Dover white that’s considered ‘cool’. All of our standing seam metal roofing panels help you save money during the warm Summer months.

house in fort collins with a new asphalt shingle roof

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Traditional Shingles

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Stone-Coated Metal

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Sheet Metal

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New Residential Roof – Shingles

If you’re considering a residential roof installation in Colorado, there are a lot of choices when it comes to shingles. Not only are there several roofing shingle manufacturers out there, but each company offers several different types of shingles with different names, styles, colors, and features. There are 3-Tab, Architectural/Dimensional, Designer, and Luxury shingles. Impact-resistant, algae-resistant, and wind-resistant shingles. And, there are loads of styles. GAF, alone, offers 10 different styles of shingles. Owens Corning offers 74 roofing shingles in the Colorado Front Range area. It can be overwhelming.

But, don’t worry. We’re here to help.

Why Hire Bob Behrends Roofing

After 30+ years in the roofing industry, we’ve installed every type and style of asphalt roofing shingle available from every manufacturer. That’s why we only offer roofing shingles from the top 3 manufacturers, so you don’t have to worry about which manufacturer to use. We also have great relationships with the shingle manufacturers, such as Owens Corning, so we can offer our residential roof installations in Colorado at great prices the other small roofing companies can’t compete with. What’s more, we’ve installed shingles onto every type of roof. So, whether you have an open gable roof, a dormer, a hip and valley roof, or cross hipped roof, we’re prepared to install your new roofing shingles onto your house, garage, or shed.

You can choose the shingle features for your house and geographical area with our assistance. For example, maybe you don’t need an algae-resistant shingle. Or maybe shingles aren’t appropriate for your exact application at all. Maybe a different roofing material would suit you better, such as metal or tile.

Hire With Confidence

Regardless of which new roofing shingle is installed, you can rest easy knowing that your residential roof installation in Colorado will be done correctly, professionally, and in a timely manner, whether you’re looking for a simple reroofing or a new roof on a new construction. Once we’re done, your roof will be inspected by our own roof inspector who double-checks the work to make sure every shingle is secured, every nail on your roof is down, and every nail on your lawn is picked-up.

Have you heard about stone-coated metal shingles and tiles? They look just like traditional asphalt shingles or wood shake or clay tiles but last a lot longer.

new standing seam metal roof on a house in fort collins
a new metal roof on a house

New Residential Roof – Metal

If you haven’t considered metal for your new residential roof before, you really should. For one, it’s come a long way since your basic galvanized, grey steel. Secondly, metal roofing is recyclable, unlike asphalt shingles. Metal is among the best roofing material available. Environmentally-friendly and incredibly durable, a metal roof can lower your Summer utility bill and last for decades. Today, metal roofing comes in a wide variety of colors. For example, our standing seam metal roofing panels come in dozens of colors. Metal roofing is also more durable and resistant to storms than traditional shingles. Stone-coated metal shingles mimic other roofing materials, such as shingles, shake, tile, or barrels.

Here in Colorado, standing seam metal roofs are particularly popular. A sheet metal roof can give your home that classic Western look, can fit right in with your shingle neighbors, or give your house the old world look of tile. When you’re ready, turn to Bob Behrends Roofing, Colorado’s best metal roofing contractors!

New Metal Roof Options

There are more new residential roof options today with metal than there have in the past. Take colors, for example. We manufacturer panel roofing, such as standing seam, in dozens of colors. By comparison, Owens Corning’s Duration shingle line, their most popular line of shingles, only come in 13 colors. You also have more appearance options today, in metal roofing, than before.

Another supplier of ours, Westlake Royal Roofing, manufacturers metal roofing products that resemble asphalt shingles, wood shake, clay tile, or barrels. These are what’s called stone-coated metal shingles. These are similar to traditional asphalt shingles, except instead of a fiberglass foundation, they have a sheet metal foundation. These metal shingles last a lot longer than traditional shingles. Although they are more expensive than asphalt shingles initially, they often cost less in the long run because they last so much longer.

Metal Roof Advantages

The benefits of metal roofing are growing, as well. Today, metal roofing is the only roofing material that is actually recyclable in our Colorado Front Range area, other than concrete tiles. Although Owens Corning has an asphalt shingle recycling program, there are no shingle recycling centers in our area. However, Colorado Iron and Metal in Fort Collins accepts metal roofing for recycling.

Metal roofing is also impact and high wind resistant. A metal roof is almost fire proof, as metal doesn’t burn. Although metal roofing costs more than asphalt shingles initially, it costs less over the life of your roof because a metal roof often lasts longer. If you live in a part of Colorado that gets a lot of snow, a metal roof is the only way to go because snow just slides right off (if your roof is steep enough).

If you’re in the market for a new metal roof, look no further than Bob Behrends Roofing. Usually, each sheet of metal roofing is cut to a custom size on location for a perfect fit. We’ve installed all the various metal roofing options onto a variety of homes. See a sample of our residential roof installations in Colorado. What’s more, we guarantee our work.

Do you know a standing seam or corrugated/PBC sheet metal roof can help lower your summer cooling bill, regardless of color?

a new slate tile roof on a house
A new slate tile roof on a house. Courtesy Westlake Royal Roofing

New Tile Roofing

If you’re looking for the most unique, natural, and environmentally-friendly new residential roof available today, you will find it in a new tile roof. A tile roof can give your home or office that old world style that only tile can. Whether it’s of a Roman Pantheon, English thatch, or Spanish barrel, with a new tile roof, your home will stand out. What’s more, because the tiles are made from natural materials, they are environmentally-friendly and recyclable. Check your local area for a concrete or clay recycling center near you. If you’re in Fort Collins, contact the City of Fort Collins Crushing Operations. Before taking your old clay or concrete roofing files to any recycling center, contact them to make sure they accept the roofing tiles you have, they can accept the quantity you have, hours of operation, etc.

Tile Roof Options

Today’s concrete and clay roofing tiles come in a variety of colors, shapes, and textures. Contrary to what you might think, concrete roofing tiles are not the boring grey like your driveway. Westlake Royal Roofing’s concrete roofing tiles come in a wide array of colors and profiles. In addition, some of their concrete roofing tiles are Class-4 hail rated. This is the same Class-4 Impact Resistance as your high-end asphalt shingles.

Because a tile roof is considered a high-end roofing option, it can also raise the value of your home. Although the initial cost of a new tile roof is more expensive than, say, a new metal roof, a tile roof often costs less than a new metal roof over the life of the roof because it often lasts longer than a metal or shingle roof.

Because a tile roof weighs more than an asphalt shingle or metal roof, they are naturally wind-resistant. Another advantage to a tile roof is that the tiles are breathable. Because of this, they help lower your utility bill 🙂