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New Standing Seam Metal Roofing Options


Our standing seam metal roofing panels/sheets are formed from 24ga and 26ga steel, and cut to the inch for a precise fit. We usually determine which profile is best based on the location and orientation of the building to the prevailing wind, and the pitch of your roof. Everything is pre-finished with our paint warranty. Contact us with any questions or to place your order.


Colors may vary slightly from finished product. These colors are produced with either Kynar 500® or Hylar 5000® resins and provide superior color retention, which allows us to offer non-pro-rated coating warranties for most applications. (Coating/finish warranties may vary for specific colors; please contact us for more information.)

24-gauge PVDF Energy-Efficient Roof, Wall, and Trim Colors

Metallic Colors

Non-Painted Acrylic-Coated Galvalume®

Weathered Colors

26-gauge PVDF Low-Gloss Roof, Wall, & Trim Colors