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Residential Roofing Gallery

In our residential roofing gallery, you'll find just a small sample of our residential roofing work. Since Bob Behrends started this family-owned business, he and his crews have installed thousands of residential roofs all along the Colorado and Wyoming Front Range.

Our residential roofing projects have varied from small homes in Fort Morgan to large, multi-building apartment complexes in Denver. No roofing project is too small, or too big. What's more, we have multiple crews to handle multiple roofing projects at the same time. Once a roof is done, our certified roof inspector comes out to make sure it was installed correctly.

Today, there are more roofing options to the Colorado homeowner than ever before. Asphalt shingles come in a myriad of styles and colors, and are more resistant today to damage, such as from hail and wind. In our residential roofing gallery, you'll see a lot of asphalt shingle examples. Although shingles are the most common residential roofing material, we've also installed traditionally commercial single ply membranes, such as EPDM rubber, onto flat residential roofs.

Here in the West, metal is also popular, giving your home or outbuildings that classic Western Colorado look. Metal roofs, these days, come in a wide variety of colors, AND are recyclable.

Faux shake, shingle, and tile roofs are increasingly becoming more and more popular. This type of roofing material gives your home the appearance of shake, shingles, or tile, but with the strength and security of steel.

We've worked with every type of residential roof, such as a gable roof with dormer windows, hip and valley, A-frame, and flat, just to name a few. There are challenges to each type and we've worked on them all.

Of all the residential roofing companies in Colorado, we are one of only a few that are certified from Owens Corning.

Because we are 'Top of the House Certified' from Owens Corning, our residential roofing crews have been specially trained on how roofing, ventilation and attic insulation work together to improve your home's energy efficiency and comfort.

Since our roofing crews are 'SureNail Trained', we have completed the Owens Corning® SureNail Technology Training. This training provides our contractors with extensive knowledge enabling them to better complete your roofing project.

Thank you for visiting our residential roofing gallery. Contact us with any questions, or for a free estimate or inspection.

Asphalt Shingles

Our residential roofing crew is on some homeowner's roof every day, and we're proud of every roofing job we complete. With every roof, we strive to do a great job. We make sure every nail on the roof is down and covered, and every old nail and shingle on the ground is picked-up before we leave. This is why every residential roofing job is inspected by our own inspector - to make sure we've done, not just a good job, but a great job!

Not every asphalt shingle manufacturer is the same, and not every impact resistant shingle is the same. We only install quality shingles from the best manufacturers, such as Owens Corning, CertainTeed, and GAF.

After 30+ years in the roofing business, we've installed asphalt shingles onto every roof type, such as pyramid, hip, bonnet, gabled, gambrel, dormer, and hexagonal. And, we've installed them from Cheyenne to Colorado Springs, and from Boulder to Brush. See something you like? Contact us for a free estimate.

Here are just a few examples out of the thousands of asphalt shingle roofs we've installed. You'll see some roofs that are black, for those seeking a bold look, and others that are white, for those that are concerned about keeping their cooling bills down in the warm Summer months. You'll see some on small homes, and others on large apartment complexes. Whatever size a building you have, we can install shingles on it.

Stone-Coated Metal Roofing Shingle Examples

Stone-coated metal roofing is quickly gaining in popularity, and for good reasons - they resemble other roofing materials more than asphalt shingles do. For example, Decra makes a stone-coated metal shingle that resembles Old-World Italian S-shaped clay tiles. Maybe you're looking for more of a realistic hand-split wood shake look? Or if your HOA requires you to have asphalt shingles, you can fake it with Decra's Shingle XD metal shingles.

Decra isn't the only game in town, though. Boral also makes their own stone-coated metal roofing shingles that resemble shake, traditional shingles, barrel, and tile. They're also available in an ever-increasing array of colors.

Stone-coated metal shingles last so much longer than asphalt shingles do - 2 to 3 times longer, in fact. What's more, over the long run, they can cost less than traditional shingles. Need another reason to like stone-coated metal shingles? They're recyclable! Asphalt shingles are not.

Here are just a few of the stone-coated metal roofs we've installed. Like what you see? Contact us for a free estimate, or to discuss options or financing.

Metal Roofing Examples

Metal roofing is changing. Sure, you can still get those classic corrugated sheets of galvanized, red or green. But today, you can choose from over 40 other colors of sheet metal, including color combinations, such that resemble rust. And, there are more profiles today to choose from. There's corrugated, flat, boxed, ribbed, standing seam, exposed or hidden fastener. There is a lot to choose from.

If you have a steep-sloped roof, metal is a great roofing material. Especially here in Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming where we can get a lot of snow. Heavy snow fall slides right off metal roofing sheets. Another nice feature of a metal roof is that they are 'cool'. Flatiron Steel, for example, is an Energy Star Partner. Their Energy Star Rated products and paint system helps to cool your building in the hot Summer months. This helps to lower your Summer utility bill.

A metal roof in Colorado or Wyoming fits right in. Nothing says 'Western' like a sheet metal roof on your home or cabin. But, maybe you're going for that more modern look? Have a look at Flatiron Steel's Standing Seam roofing products. Whatever your style, there's a sheet metal profile that's right for you.

What's more, metal roofing is recyclable, unlike asphalt shingles.

Here are just a few of the metal roofs we've installed. If you like what you see, contact us for a free estimate or to discuss options.

Flat Residential Roofing Examples

Most folks think flat roofing is only for commercial buildings and hospitals. When in fact, we install low-slope roofing materials regularly onto homes, home additions, and detached garages. A lot of newer homes have at least a section of the roof that's low-slope (flat). There are also lots of retro-style homes, both new and old, all around Denver, Longmont, Fort Collins, etc. that have flat roofs. Lucky for you, we install both steep and low-slope roofing materials 🙂

Common low-sloped roofing materials are EPDM, also known as the 'rubber roof', and Modified Bitumen, also known as ModBit. ModBit comes in a variety of popular colors to match common shingle colors. This is, as mentioned above, because often ModBit is commonly installed onto newer homes.

EPDM is basically, you guessed-it, rubber. That said, it is available in either black or white. White is great for those concerned about lowering their Summer cooling bill. EPDM is a great product. It costs the least out of the 4 flat roofing materials we offer, yet it lasts the longest. It is also strong, flexible, puncture-resistant, and fire-rated. Just like other flat roofing membranes, it too is easy to install and repair. In fact, most manufacturers make a self-adhering product.

If you're interested in a flat or low-sloped roofing product, contact us for a free estimate or to discuss your needs.