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new steel residential roof looks like wood shake

50 years ago, when Dave built his house, he chose wood shake. He chose that roofing material due to its attractive, classic appearance. In those 50 years, however, he has replaced that roof three times!

Today, Dave wanted a roofing material that was just as attractive as wood shake, but one that would last a lot longer than 15 years. We presented him with a few options and among those options was Boral Steel's Pine Crest Shake. This roofing material is made to look like hand-split wood shake, yet it's actually made of steel, so it will last a long time. Dave chose the Pine Crest Shake from Boral Steel in the Barclay color and is very happy with his decision.

See the photos below. From a distance, this roofing material looks like real wood shake, yet up close, you can tell it isn't.