New Steel Residential Roof Looks Like Wood Shake

50 years ago, when Dave built his house, he chose wood shake. He chose that roofing material due to its attractive, classic appearance. In those 50 years, however, he has replaced that roof three times! That’s once about every 16 years. This is within the average lifespan range of 15 to 30 years for wood shake. Under ideal circumstances, wood shake could last up to 50 years, but with the large hail and strong winds we get here in Northern Colorado, 15 years is about all you can expect out of a wood shake roof.

Today, Dave wanted a roofing material that was just as attractive as wood shake, but also one that would last a lot longer than 15 years. We presented him with a few options and among those options was Westlake Royal Roofing’s Pine Crest Shake stone-coated metal shingles. These shingles are made to look like hand-split wood shake, yet it’s actually made of steel, so it will last a long time. Dave chose the Pine Crest Shake from Boral Steel in the Barclay color and is very happy with his decision.

We applaud Dave for choosing a new roof that isn’t asphalt shingles, since asphalt shingles aren’t recyclable. Stone-coated metal shingles, on the other hand, are recyclable. This keeps them out of the landfill. Although initially more expensive, these metal shingles should cost less in the long run, since they last so much longer than wood shake or asphalt shingles. Although asphalt shingles do have a slightly better solar reflectivity.

See the photos below. From a distance, this metal roof looks like real wood shake, yet up close, you can tell it isn’t.

If you’re interested in a new stone-coated metal shingle roof, contact us for a free estimate and inspection. Boral offers other profiles other than shake, such as two shingle and two tile profiles. They also have a small variety of colors to choose from, such as Timberwood and Charcoal. Maybe you’re more interested in a Spanish Barrel look. Boral’s Barrel-Vault stone-coated metal tiles come in reds, oranges, and browns, as well as white. White, or ‘Dover‘ as Boral calls it, has a higher reflectivity rating than their others colors, which helps lower your Summer cooling bill.

Boral isn’t the only game in town, mind you. Decra also offers stone-coated metal shingles. Like Boral, they offer profiles like shingle, shake, and tile.

If you’re after that look of real wood shake without actually having wood, stone-coated metal shingles look more realistic than asphalt shingles. Also, they last a lot longer than asphalt shingles, and, they’re recyclable.