New Metal Roof Options

Today, there are several new metal roof options to choose from. Some resemble traditional asphalt shingles better than others, and some help to cool your home better than others. Regardless of which metal roof option you choose, all last longer than just about any other roof. In fact, metal often lasts longer than concrete tile. If you’re looking for a new metal roof in Colorado, below are your options.

a new standing seam metal roof on a house

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Metal Roofs We Offer:

a stone-coated metal shingle roof
stone-coated metal shingles
a new standing seam metal roof on a new house
standing seam metal roof
a corrugated metal roof
corrugated metal roof

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Advantages of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing in general has several advantages over other roofs: they’re longer-lasting at 70 years or more, they’re more durable than most other roofs, they’re more fire and hail and wind resistant, they’re more eco-friendly since they’re recyclable, and they often cost less in the long run thanks to their long life span.

  • Long-Lasting
  • Cost Less Long Term
  • Durable
  • Fire, Wind, Hail, Rot Resistant
  • Eco-Friendly/Recyclable
  • Light Weight
new stone-coated metal shingle roof
From a distance, this roof looks like wood shake.

Stone-Coated Metal Shingles and Tiles

Stone-coated metal shingles and tiles are a somewhat new roofing product. The idea is to have a somewhat traditional-looking roof that lasts a lot longer than common roofing products. They are coated with the same granules as asphalt shingles, but the foundation is steel instead of fiberglass. Stone-coated metal shingles are great for those looking to replace their wood shake roof with one that somewhat resembles real wood shake. They’re also preferred to those that like the look of a traditional asphalt shingle roof yet want a longer-lasting roof. Westlake Royal Roofing has a few stone-coated metal roofing products that resemble traditional asphalt shingles.

Specific Advantages of Stone-Coated Metal Roofing

Stone-coated metal shingles and tiles have the same advantages of all metal roofing products, such as durability and longevity, with one addition: metal can be formed to more closely resemble other roofing products. For example, Westlake Royal Roofing make stone-coated metal roofing products that resemble Spanish barrels, Pacific clay tiles, wood shake, and asphalt shingles.

Want a roof that looks like traditional shingles yet lasts longer? You want stone-coated metal shingles. Contact us with any questions or for a free estimate.

new metal roof on a house
a new metal roof on a house

Standing Seam

Standing seam metal roofing gets its name from the tall vertical seams between each panel. These seams are no more than an inch or so tall with a concealed fastener hidden below. We manufacture our own standing seam metal roofing. It comes in 24 or 26 gauge, and a wide variety of colors, including a few metallic colors.

Specific Advantages of Standing Seam

Because we manufacture our own standing seam panels, they’re cut to the exact length required. The advantage of this is fewer seams. Fewer seams means fewer leak opportunities. Unlike corrugated/PBC, our standing seam panels do not overlap vertically.

Corrugate sheet metal is the most durable roofing material.
Corrugate sheet metal is the most durable roofing material.

Do you know a standing seam or corrugated/PBC sheet metal roof can help lower your utility bill?
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Some metal roofing companies, such as American Building Components, offer both Corrugated metal roofing and a similar roofing product called PBC. Both are technically ‘corrugated’ since that terms refers to the wavy profile. Corrugated metal roofing panels have been around a long time. Traditionally, they’re used on farms due to their durability and low maintenance. Afterall, farmers have enough to do without the added work of maintaining their multiple roofs. Traditionally, corrugated metal roofs were galvanized. Galvanizing is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to metal to prevent rusting. This galvanization process gives the metal roof a silver color. Today, however, there are many additional colors available for corrugated/PBC metal roofing panels. American Building Components, for example, offers PBC in 26 different colors, including White, Green, Almond, Desert Sand, Brown, various shades of gray, and many others.

Specific Advantages of Corrugated/PBC

Corrugated/PBC has all the advantages of standing seam with one additional advantage – even more hail resistance. That’s because there’s no flat surfaces. When a hail stone hits the peak or valley of the corrugated profile, it often shatters, as these are the strongest points. When a hail stone hits between the peak and valley, they’re deflected away. It takes a larger hail stone, or one with greater velocity, to damage a corrugated metal roof. Farmers are right to choose corrugated metal roofing since they’re low maintenance and very durable.

Specific Advantages of Corrugated/PBC and Standing Seam

  • Huge Array of Colors
  • Lower Utility Bill
  • Sheds Heavy Snow Quickly

There are two primary advantages of standing seam and corrugated metal roofs. One is that they come in many more colors than stone-coated metal shingles or tiles. Our standing seam metal is available in over 2 dozen colors. The same is true for many of American Building Components’ metal roofing products. Versus 8 colors at the most for stone-coated metal shingles and tiles. The second advantage corrugated/PBC and standing seam have over stone-coated metal roofs is that they shed heavy snow quickly, thanks to its slick surface. It’s not uncommon for us Coloradoans to get 6 inches or a foot or more of snow in the Winter. When this happens, if there isn’t a snow fence or snow guard to hold the snow back, snow slides right off a corrugated/PBC and standing seam metal roof.

The Bottom Line

Today’s metal roofing is a superior product. It’s among the longest-lasting roofing products, it’s recyclable in our area, it’s highly resistant to wind, fire, and hail, and it has a low long-term cost. What’s more, standing seam and corrugated/PBC helps to lower your summer utility bill. If you’re shopping for a new roof, seriously consider any of the above mentioned new metal roofing options. Unsure which is right for you? Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate.