How To Prepare for a ReRoofing

Congratulations on your new roof! A new roof is an exciting time. It’s one more thing you can mark off your To-Do list for a while, hopefully a long while. To help you prepare for your new roof, below are a few tips and requests of ours.

new asphalt shingle roof being installed

Driveway Access

We’ll need access to your driveway for a large roll-off dumpster. This is for your old roof and other debris and trash. One parking space is usually enough. However, two is preferable. ๐Ÿ™‚ Although we’ve never damaged a customer’s car that’s parked next to our dumpster, if you have the option to park your car on the street or in front of your neighbors, that’s even better. If you park your car in your garage, know that you might not be able to get it out while we’re working on your roof.

Outside Electrical Outlets

We will need access to at least one outside electrical outlet to power some of our tools. We can usually spot these ourselves, so you don’t have to necessarily point them out to us. But, please make sure we have access to one or more.


Most homeowners have pets. If at all possible, please keep all pets inside while we’re actively working on your roof. We do our best to avoid hitting anything with debris, such as pets. However, pets are unpredictable and don’t always stay clear. Some are also curious and want to be around people. If keeping them inside during the re-roofing process isn’t an option, perhaps an outside kennel or on a leash far away from the house is an option.

Outside Plants

A lot of homes have plants close to them, such as flowers, shrubs, and bushes. These plants are part of what make your house a home. It’s taken time and work and sweat to get your plants looking beautiful. These plants close to your home are susceptible to being damaged from falling debris from a reroof. That’s why we do our best to cover them with a tarp.


Roofing is a dirty job. Our crew and equipment make a lot of noise pounding and scraping on your roof. As a result, this kicks-up dust in your attic and unfinished garages. If you have anything in your attic or unfinished garage that you do not want to get dirty, please move it or cover it up. Debris and dust falls down through roof decking, especially spaced decking, during the roofing process.

Satellite Dish

Some folks have a satellite dish for TV or internet access. Most satellite dishes are attached to roofs. Satellite dishes are mounted on top of your roof covering, such as shingles. In order to replace your shingles, we must remove your satellite dish, temporarily. When we’re done installing your new roof, we will re-install the dish, unless you tell us otherwise. Upon re-installation, there is a chance your dish isn’t quite aligned perfectly. Please plan on scheduling with your dish provider to have it realigned if you have trouble getting a signal. You may incur a cost for this from your dish provider.


Q. How long will it take to complete my re-roof?
A. Most homes are complete in 1-2 days. This includes removing the old roof and installing the new one.

Q. What if it’s freezing outside. Can you still install my roof?
A. No. We only install roofs when temperatures are 40ยบ and rising. This is for warranty purposes.