Advantages and Disadvantages of Seamless Gutters

Short Answer: The advantages of seamless gutters is less wasted time and material for you, and a better-looking gutter.

You need a new gutter and you’re thinking about doing it yourself. We get it. DIY means you save a little money. However, if you’re about to purchase and install pre-cut sectional gutters from your local hardware store, you should stop and consider seamless gutters. There are several advantages to them, and only a couple minor disadvantages.

seamless gutter on building
24′ of smooth, seamless gutter

Advantages to Seamless Gutters

No Seams

The first and obvious advantage of seamless gutters is that they are seamless. They have no seams between the end caps. Why is having no seams an advantage? Because a seam is a weak point in the gutter. A seam could create a low point in your gutter system, if it’s not properly supported. A low point is where debris can collect and where water can pool. Pooling water can be a problem in the Winter. When water freezes and thaws repeatedly at a joint or seam, it can weaken the joint which can create a leak. A seam is also an opportunity for leaks. The more seams, the more opportunities for leaks.

Low Maintenance

Wind, rain, hail, sun, hot and cold temperatures will cause the sealant used at the seams to move, swell, shrink, and crack. With seamless gutters, because there are fewer seams, they are lower maintenance.


Seamless gutters are stronger than pre-cut sectional gutters, again, because they have no seams. As mentioned above, a seam is a weak point in the system.


Not only are seamless gutters a cleaner look, but they also allow water, snow melt, leaves, debris, etc. to flow better through them. In a pre-cut sectional gutter system, there will be little speed bumps where a joint or sealant is. These little bumps will create an area where twigs, dirt, etc. can build-up and may cause a dam.


Because there are fewer sections, seamless gutters are often faster to install. Fewer sections means less time handling, sealing, etc. We also have a tool we use to punch the hole in the gutter for the downspout to attach to. Without this expensive pro tool, you’re going to have to either purchase a gutter drop outlet or cut the hole yourself, which doesn’t look pretty ๐Ÿ˜‰

downspout with extension
downspout with extension and catch

Custom Fit

Because seamless gutters are cut and formed at your location, we can cut and form them for a perfect fit, and this includes downspouts. At Home Depot, for example, you can only get 75ยบ downspout elbows. We can make any angle we need. We typically include prefabricated inside/outside corners, and A/B elbows and downspouts.

No Waste

When seamless gutters are cut to an exact length, there’s no waste, for you or for us. As opposed to pre-cut sectional gutters, which come in 10′ lengths. If you need 14′ of gutter, and you purchase 2 10′ pre-cut sectional gutters from Home Depot, you’re going to have 6′ of gutter lying around your yard.

Less Material

With pre-cut gutters, there’s overlap and sealant at the seams. At every joint, there’s sealant. Often a lot of sealant. With seamless gutters, because there are fewer seams, there’s simply less gutter material and less sealant.

Disadvantages to Seamless Gutters


Seamless gutters are more expensive than the pre-cut sectional gutters. A 10′ section of K-style aluminum gutter alone from Lowe’s costs just over $1/ft. Our seamless gutters cost about $3.25/linear foot. This does not include installation. This is ‘chop and drop’. We form and cut it, and you install it. We form it, cut it, and drop it off. However, don’t forget that when you opt for pre-cut sectional gutters, you will need more than just the gutter. You will need end caps, a drop section, perhaps connectors, gutter sealant. There’s more to a gutter system than just the gutter. For an installation estimate, please contact us.


Depending upon the length of a seamless gutter, it can be difficult to handle if you’re working by yourself. Working by yourself, a 12 to 14 feet length is probably the longest you’d want to handle. When we install seamless gutters, we have enough guys on our crew to handle installation.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, the advantages of seamless gutters greatly out weigh the few disadvantages. We offer steel and aluminum seamless gutters. Steel and aluminum are much more resistant to hail than vinyl. We can form, cut, and install the seamless gutter, downspout, and extension for you. Or, if you prefer to install some or all of this yourself, that’s cool, too. We offer ‘chop and drop’ seamless gutters. Contact us for a free estimate.