Commercial Roof Gets New Coating of Inland Coating RC2000. Greeley, CO

Here are a few pictures of an Inland Coatings RC2000 job completed in Greeley this past fall (2015). This existing commercial roof was PVC and after a pull test was verified, we coated the entire roof with RC2000. The roof was at the perfect age to be coated and not too far along in the aging process. Many people wait too long to coat their roof and moisture within the old roof can damage the new coating. After installation of the RC2000, the roof gained additional reflective value as well as additional life. An optional 10 year warranty is available on this coating.

When choosing a coating, keep in mind that petroleum or silicone based coatings are going to be a better long term solution to your coating needs. Elastomeric coatings contain a large amount of water and shrink over time, this causes the coating to be a continuing maintenance issue and requires a re-coat every 1-2 years.