New EPDM Roof

A new EPDM roof today has many benefits yesterday’s EPDM lacked. Black EPDM helps save heating costs in cooler climates as it helps to warm your building from the sun. In warmer climates, an optional white layer helps to cool your building in the Summer by reflecting heat away. Today’s EPDM is also more resistant to hail, UV, and weathering. What’s more, of all the single ply, low-slope roofing options, it is the longest lasting and among the least expensive.

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a new epdm rubber roof on a residential garage

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Today’s EPDM Roofing Options, Features, and Benefits

  • Standard EPDM
  • Self-Adhering EPDM
  • Reinforced EPDM
  • White-on-Black EPDM
  • Fire retardant EPDM

Standard EPDM

Standard EPDM is the base EPDM roofing product. It is a strong, flexible, puncture-resistant single membrane roofing product. Although it is fire-rated, it is not as fire resistant as PVC or TPO. An increased fire-rated sheet is available for standard EPDM. The standard EPDM roofing product may be installed in ballasted and fully adhered roofing systems. It is most often installed as fully adhered, however.

Standard EPDM can be used for new construction or re-roofing applications. It is available in multiple widths and lengths in 45, 60, 90 mil thicknesses. A 20 to 30 year warranty is available, depending upon the exact EPDM roofing product installed. Dusted or clean sheets are available for this product and pre-taped with 3″ or 6″ tape is available, which makes installation a little faster and easier.

Self-Adhering EPDM

Self-adhering EPDM offers a significant savings in labor time and costs. It also offers excellent weatherability and hail resistance. This EPDM option is a great low-VOC option with no solvent-related odors. Self-adhering EPDM is eligible for a 20-year warranty.

Self-adhering EPDM is a nominal 60-mil non-reinforced EPDM membrane laminated to a 100%-solid pressure-sensitive adhesive. This eliminates the need to load, stir, apply and dispose of bonding adhesive and containers. It is available in 10′ x 100′ rolls. The release liner is silicon-coated on one side for consistent release from the adhesive. Self-adhering EPDM is formulated with fire retardants to inhibit the spread of fire and can be incorporated in UL Class A systems. It stays flexible even in very cold temperatures.

With the growing threat of wild fires here in Colorado, a fire-retardant roofing membrane makes sense. In 2020, there were 20 wildfires in Colorado. It is not uncommon for burning embers to travel miles. In addition, traveling burning embers often start new fires. If a fire-retardant EPDM roof is appealing to you, be sure to ask us for Self-adhering EPDM.

an epdm roof ballasted with rocks

Reinforced EPDM

Reinforced EPDM has a layer of tough polyester fabric for superior tensile strength and performance to further withstand hail, debris, etc. It is available in 8′ and 10′ widths only in 45, 60, 75 mil thicknesses. Reinforced EPDM is for fully adhered, mechanically attached and ballasted roofs. Like standard EPDM, this is fire-rated, although not fire-proof. Reinforced EPDM comes pre-printed with lap and fastener spacing lines, and is available pre-taped with 3″ or 6″ tape for a quicker installation. A maximum 20 year warranty is available.

White-on-Black EPDM

White-on-Black EPDM is great in warmer climates as it reflects heat away from your building. This is a non-reinforced rubber roofing product and comes in 60-mil and 90-mil thicknesses. White-on-black EPDM is primarily used in fully adhered roofing systems on new construction, reroofing and recover (retrofit) applications. You can also use White-on-Black EPDM ballasted. Although it is fire-rated, increased fire-rate sheets are available. A 20-year system warranty is available, and our 5-year workmanship guarantee. Pre-taped with 3″ or 6″ tape is an option for a faster installation.

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New EPDM Roof Cost

Your average EPDM roof installation in Colorado will cost about $5.50/sqft. This does, of course, depending upon the exact EPDM product you order, the condition of your roof, and many other factors. Contact us for a consultation and a free estimate for a new EPDM roof or repairs on an existing roof.

EPDM Roof Installation

EPDM is relatively quick and easy to install, given the roof deck is ready to for it.

We have a dedicated flat roofing crew that only installs and repairs single-ply membranes, such as EPDM. Having a dedicated flat roofing crew makes us very efficient at installing single-ply membranes. Once installed, we also have our own commercial roofing inspector that inspects the roof to check for anything missed and to make sure it was installed correctly. After all, a proper EPDM roof installation in Colorado makes for a long-lasting product.

EPDM Repair

In addition to EPDM roof installations, we also provide Colorado businesses with EPDM roof repair. Repairing an EPDM roof is also often easy. Some repairs, such as punctures, are likened to repairing a bicycle tire – clean the puncture, apply the appropriate adhesive, apply a patch. Done. Of course, repairs can be minimized by properly installing EPDM on a properly constructed and prepared roof deck. Routine maintenance of your new EPDM roof also helps reduce repairs and damages. Routine maintenance such as keeping drains clear of debris and reporting water pooling immediately when found.

Is an EPDM Roof Right For You?

Who uses an EPDM roof? We install EPDM on a lot of home additions and detached garages that have flat roofs. As well as onto flat roofs of service centers, such as tire and auto repair shops. Also, department stores, medical buildings and hospitals. EPDM is a great product for you if your building has a low-sloped roof and there isn’t a lot of baking or cooking.

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Why Hire Us to Install Your New EPDM Roof?

When you’re ready for your new EPDM roof, contact us for a free estimate and inspection. We back all of our EPDM roof installations by a 5-year workmanship guarantee. And, our manufacturers back our work with their own warranty. This means the materials and our work is completely covered. You have nothing to worry about.

We’re local. Although we’re based out of Greeley, our service area includes everyone between Colorado Springs and Cheyenne, and Red Feather Lakes to Brush.

Bob Behrends himself has been working all along the Colorado Front Range since the ’80s. We’re small enough to answer the phone when you call, yet big enough to purchase materials in bulk and offer competitive pricing.

No job is too small or too big, unlike other roofing companies. We’re just as willing to patch a small hole in your EPDM roof as we are to completely replace your entire roof, if it’s necessary.

We’re qualified installers of Versico, Mulehide, Genflex, Johns Manville and IB Roof Systems. This allowing us to offer 10, 15 and 20-year labor and material warranties on commercial and residential jobs.

We have a great track record. We have great online reviews, and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

We don’t ask for money upfront. Only when the job is done and you’re 100% satisfied, do we ask for a payment.