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5 signs your gutters need repair

A correctly functioning gutter system is vital to any building, be it residential or commercial. Even outbuildings, chicken coops, large sheds should have a gutter system. The point of one is to redirect rain water away from the structure so the foundation doesn’t weaken and water doesn’t get underneath. Therefore, it’s important to spot a failing gutter or downspout as soon as possible. If a gutter or downspout is failing, it can lead to big and expensive problems. If you spot any of the below signs, contact us for a gutter repair or replacement.

1. Overflowing gutters

Overflowing gutters is very common. This happens when your gutters (or downspouts) are clogged with debris, for example, leaves. A clogged gutter doesn’t necessarily mean they need to be repaired, but more that they need to cleared-out. You normally see evidence of a clogged gutter or downspout during a hard rain when rainwater is running over the side. A clogged gutter or downspout is often easy to fix. Sometimes leaves are just sitting on top of the exist hole in the gutter. These just need to be removed. If enough time has passed since this has been done, and more leaves, and snow and water has pushed the debris down into the downspout, the downspout might also need to be cleared. Another culprit of an overflowing gutter is when the pitch (angle) of the gutter isn’t sufficient. A perfectly level gutter won’t drain properly. The gutter angle needs to be slightly lower at the end where it drains into the downspout.

2. Gutter detachment

gutter detaching from house

Gutter detachment often happens when debris has been allowed to clog the gutters and/or downspouts over a long period of time and the weight of the debris is causing the gutters to pull away from the house. This can also be a sign the gutter wasn’t installed correctly. However, if the fascia is pulling away with the gutter, such as in the photo above, the rafters may be old or rotten. If this is the case, an entirely new roof, including the rafters, deck, fascia, etc., might be in order. If you notice gutter detachment happening, contact your trusted gutter professional right away.

3. Sagging gutters

gutter sagging on house Several things can cause sagging gutters. A gutter that’s full of debris, such as leaves, dirt, granules, and/or water can sag. A tree branch hitting a gutter can cause it to sag or droop. Vinyl gutters sag more often then steel or aluminum because vinyl isn’t as strong as steel or aluminum. A gutter that wasn’t installed correctly can sag. If a gutter is sagging it might simply be old and time to be replaced.

4. Pooling water or cracked foundation

If you see water pooling close to the house or cracks in your foundation, look-up, as you might need to get your gutters repaired or replaced. A gutter or downspout is working properly when rainwater is being diverted several feet away from your house or building. If water isn’t being diverted away from your house or building, then it’s pooling next to your house and this can cause problems, such as your foundation to crack.

5. Cracks and holes in gutter

a cracked gutter on a house that's leaking rainwater Although steel and aluminum gutters can crack, vinyl gutters are more likely to crack. This is one reason why we do not offer vinyl gutters. Cracks are often caused when a gutter is struck by something, such as a tree branch. If a seam wasn’t sealed properly during installation, or if enough time has passed and the seal is no longer functioning, a hole can develop. Cracks and holes are a sure sign your gutters need to be repaired. Depending upon the severity, they might need to be replaced completely.

When your gutters and downspouts aren’t performing as they should, problems can arise. If left unchecked, the problems can be big and very costly to fix. Regular gutter and downspout maintenance is vital. Leaves, branches, dirt, nests, and other debris are going to get into your gutters, unless you have a gutter guard, such as GutterRx. If you don’t have a gutter guard, every Fall or Winter you should at least remove debris and obstacles from your gutters and do a quick check from the ground to look for the above signs. If you see any of the above signs that your gutters need repair, contact us for a free gutter and downspout inspection and estimate.