New Roof in Aurora, Colorado

Here are a few pictures of a new roof we installed in Aurora, Colorado. We think it turned out great! The roof was replaced with an Owens Corning shingle after it was damaged in a hail storm last year (2014), flashings and drip edge were also replaced. All of the flashings were painted to match the roof. Painting pipes/vents/penetrations that come through the roof so they match the shingle color is something we do for all our roofing customers.

Aurora, CO, is not immume to hail storms. In fact, CNN reported baseball-sized hail and multiple tornados in East Denver and Aurora. Hail this size will no-doubt damage any roof. However, some roofs will fair better than others.

Painting Penetrations

We want your new roof in Aurora to look as good as it can. That’s why we paint any penetrations, such as pipes and vents, to match your new shingles. It’s a minor detail, but it’s one more thing that sets us apart from other roofing companies in Aurora, Colorado.

Hail Resistant Roofs for Aurora, CO.

Baseball-size hail will damage any roof. However, some roofs will resist hail better than others. For example, Class-4 impact resistant shingles, such as Owens Corning’s TruDefinition Duration Storm will fair better than non-impact-resistant shingles, such as their Oakridge line. Owens Corning also produces a rubberized asphalt shingle that also performs well in hail storms: their TruDefinition Duration Flex. Other hail-resistant asphalt shingles include Tamko’s Stormfighter Flex and GAF’s Timberline AS II.

An even more hail resistant roof is real rock slate or concrete tiles. For example, Westlake Royal Roofing produces a Class-4 hail rated concrete tile. However, slate and concrete is very heavy. If your roof wasn’t initially made for these heavy roof coverings, it may need additional structural supports.

Best Hail Resistant Roof for Aurora, CO

If you’re looking for the best hail-resistant roof for Aurora, Colorado, it’s standing seam metal. Although concrete is very tough, it’s also unforgiving. When hit by a large enough object, such as hail, concrete will crack. Metal, on the other hand, will often dent before it cracks. Although asphalt shingles are more flexible than metal, the fiberglass foundation isn’t nearly as durable as metal. Not only is standing seam metal roofing more durable, it’s also very energy-efficient. In fact, a standing seam metal roof will help cool your home, thanks to it’s ability to quickly reflect heat from the sun, and release absorbed heat.