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Why trust us for your new Fort Collins metal roof installation? We know metal roofing, it’s one of our specialties. We’ve installed all sorts of metal roofs, such as standing seam, ribbed, corrugated, stone-coated metal shingles, and many more. What’s more, we’ve installed these various metal roofs onto homes, patios, barns, outbuildings, as well as various commercial buildings.

Our standing seam metal roofing panels are not pulled from a pile of sheets that have been sitting around deteriorating. We form our own standing seam metal roofing sheets fresh for our friends in Fort Collins. This way, we get an exact fit for you. With us, you get a custom-formed and cut standing seam metal roof that’s a perfect fit just for you.

We stand behind our work with a 5-year workmanship guarantee. We’re not new to Colorado. We’ve been roofing here for many years, and we’re not going anywhere. If you have any issues with your new metal roof in Fort Collins, we’re here for you. Call, text, or email us.

a new standing seam metal roof on a house

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Fort Collins Roof Options

Metal Roof Options

Metal roofing in Fort Collins can be divided into two categories: sheets and stone-coated. Sheets include standing seam, ribbed, corrugated/PBC and other similar profiles. These sheets are smooth and long, and often come in dozens of colors. Stone-coated metal roofs include metal shingles and tiles, are often about 3′ wide and 1′ deep, and come in a small variety of colors. They also come in a small number of profiles, profiles that resemble wood shake or asphalt shingles or barrel tiles.

standing seam metal roof
Standing Seam
sample of stone-coated metal roofing shingles

Advantages of a Metal Roof

  • Last longer
  • Low-cost long term
  • Recyclable
  • Fire resistant
  • More durable
  • Cool/energy efficient

There are many advantages to a metal roof. A big advantage is that they last much longer than most other roofs. When professionaly installed, a metal roof should last 70 years or more. By comparison, traditional asphalt shingles often last between 15 and 25 years. As a result of metal roofs lasting so long, another advantage is that they often cost less in the long run, even though they cost more initially.

Metal roofs are also recyclable, right in Fort Collins. In fact, Colorado Iron and Metal off of Buckingham Street in Fort Collins will accept any metal roof, including metal sheets and stone-coated. Asphalt shingles, on the other hand, are not recyclable in our area. As a result, they end-up in the landfill. You might think wood shake is recyclable, but this depends upon if it’s treated, which most are. What about burning your old wood shake roof? Again, if it’s treated, you probably don’t want to burn and breathe those chemicals.

Sheet metal roofs are more resistant to fire because they don’t contain any combustable chemicals. Asphalt shingles contain asphalt, which can ignite. Sheet metal roofs are also cooler and more energy efficient compared to any other roofs. This because they have a higher solar reflectivity than other roofs. A higher solar reflectivity means a cooler attic and home, and a lower utility bill for you 🙂

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