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Commercial Roofing Gallery

The commercial roofing examples below include only a small portion of the commercial roofs we've installed over the past 30+ years we've been in business. Commercial roofing isn't just single-ply membranes. It also includes steep-sloped roofs, such as the metal roofs installed for Ziggi's Coffee in Loveland, Colorado. When you've been in business as long as we have, and have installed as many commercial roofs as we have, and do the high quality of work we do, you have a large portfolio.

Service Area

Our service area ranges from Colorado Springs to Cheyenne, and from Red Feather Lakes to Brush. We've installed commercial roofs for clients such as Circle K in Greeley, Ziggi's Coffee in Loveland, LuLu's Asian Bistro in Fort Collins, Panera Bread in Cheyenne, Farmers Reservoir & Irrigation Company in Brighton, Greeley Inn in Greeley, Airgas, and many others.

Quality Products

We are very proud of our commercial roof installation and repair work, and are happy to show it off here. We're proud because we only use the highest quality roofing products from the very best roofing material manufacturers. Manufacturers such as Versico and Mule-Hide, GenFlex and IB Roof Systems. These companies are leaders in their field, and produce tested and reliable roofing products.

In addition, we know the commercial roofs shown here were installed correctly. We know this because once our installation crew was done, their work was inspected by our own commercial roofing inspector. These single-ply roofs should serve these businesses for a long time. But, once we're done installing and inspecting the roofs we've installed, our relationships with our customers don't end there. We're always here for our customers. In fact, we encourage our customers to stay in touch and contact us to inspect their roofs annually. After all, inspections are free, so they have nothing to lose. Regular inspections help to prevent large problems later, and helps to make their roofs last as long as possible.


We also stand behind our work. All our work comes with warranties, from us and our suppliers. All our customers know that they can contact us should anything arise with their roof.

TPO Commercial Roofing Examples

TPO is the most common single-ply roofing product. It's the most common for a number of reasons. For one, it's versatile. Commercial business types that use TPO include, but are not limited to, those in manufacturing, warehouses, department stores, office buildings, condominiums, medical and dental offices, and hotels and motels.

These business types choose TPO for their roofs because it's a trusted product. It's dirt, bacteria, algae, and mold resistant. It's considered a more 'green' roofing product because it does not contain plasticizers. A fleeced-back TPO roof offers excellent hail resistance. A ballasted roof, such as a roof covered in rocks, further protects your roof from hail and debris. Lastly, most commercial businesses choose TPO because it's less expensive than PVC.

We offer the following TPO products to our flat roof customers:

  • Standard TPO
  • Fleece-backed TPO
  • Self-adhering TPO
  • TPO with protective film

Commercial Metal Roofing Examples

Businesses that choose a metal roof are smart. Metal lasts longer than most other steep-slope material, costs less in the long run than asphalt shingles, and is recyclable. Sadly, nobody in the Colorado Front Range area recycles asphalt shingles. Metal roofs also shed heavy snow fall faster than shingles. They also are often more 'cool' than asphalt shingles because they breathe better than shingles and don't retain heat like shingles do.

Today, metal roofs come a huge array of colors. Flatiron Steel's 24 guage PVDF material comes in 45 different colors. There are also many different profiles to choose from, including corrugated, ribbed, boxed, flat, standing seam, and flush.

Sheets aren't the only metal roofing option for those with a steep-sloped roof. Both Decra and Boral make stone-coated metal shingles. These metal shingles resemble barrel, wood shake, traditional shingles, and tile. They also come in an expanding variety of colors.

If you like what you see, contact us to discuss your needs and desires, and for a free estimate.

PVC Commercial Roofing Examples

PVC is a great single-ply roofing product. It is also the most expensive of the single-ply membranes we offer. It is most often used for restaurants due to its excellent resistance to fat, grease, oil, and fire. See the PVC roof we installed for Panera Bread in Cheyenne, below. In fact, once the source of a fire is extinguished, a PVC roof will self-extinguish. White PVC roofs are the most common due to their heat reflecting abilities. This helps lower your Summer cooling bill. However, gray and tan are also available.

We are a qualified PVC installers of Versico, Mulehide, John Mansville and IB Roof Systems. This allows us to offer 10, 15 and 20-year labor and material warranties on commercial PVC roofing jobs. What's more, these excellent manufacturers got our backs. Contact any of them and ask if Bob Behrends Roofing is eligible to apply for a warranty.

Like what the PVC commercial roofing examples below? Contact us for a free discussion, inspection, or estimate.