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Flat Roofs

Although flat roofs are very popular for commercial buildings, did you know they're also used for residential patios, carports, and additions? We've installed lots of flat roofs onto non-commercial structures such as these. There are also several advantages to a flat roof. Flat roofs are usually the most affordable choice, and they are known for their durability. Due to their low profile, they take up less space and are generally safer. At Bob Behrends Roofing, we have several flat-roof choices for our commercial and residential customers.

Flat Roof Choices

Bob Behrends serves all of Colorado with flat roof repair and construction services, with 3 different kinds to choose from.

PVC roofs, or vinyl roofs, are a great choice for restaurants because they are the most resistant of all flat roofs to grease buildup. They stand up to extreme weather, are reflective, lightweight, fire-resistant, and affordable.

TPO is another popular flat-roof choice for commercial buildings. It has a reflective quality that lowers heat absorption, and TPO is very durable and long-lasting. This affordable roofing system is considered "Green" because it's non-toxic and 100% recyclable.

EPDM, also known as the "rubber roof," is often used on low-slope commercial buildings, carports, and patios. It's known for its strength, durability, and fire resistance. It's an affordable choice, with an optional white layer that reflects sunlight and minimizes heat absorption.

Whether you need a new commercial roof installed or you need your roof repaired, you can count on Bob Behrends Roofing for the best Colorado flat roof repair and construction services. We have extensive experience, and a reputation for getting the job done right and on time. We also offer a 5-year guarantee on our workmanship, on top of the manufacturer's guarantee on the quality of the products. For a free inspection or estimate, or for more information about our flat roofing systems, call us today!