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When it comes to Fort Collins commercial roofing, you’re in good hands with Bob Behrends Roofing. No other commercial roofing company has more single ply roofing experience than we do. Bob Behrends himself has been roofing all along the Colorado Front Range since 1983. Furthermore, we have a dedicated commercial roofing team that only installs and repairs single ply roofing systems – they don’t crossover into steep slope residential work.

We always pull permits for every Fort Collins commercial roofing job. This means every job we do is to City of Fort Collins building code, which means you have less to worry about.

We are licensed and insured throughout Northern Colorado. By being licensed and insured, you know we have your best interests in mind and our employees. In the unlikely event we damage your property, it’s covered. If one of our employees gets hurt, we take care of them.

No surprises. Because we use estimating software Xactimate to keep up-to-date with current industry pricing, our roofing estimates are accurate.

Enough about us. How can we take care of your Fort Collins commercial roofing needs? We offer the following single ply options:

  • PVC
  • TPO
  • EPDM
  • Modified Bitumen

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PVC is the single ply roofing choice for restaurants because it’s resistant to grease and animal fat. The ventilation system in the kitchen in restaurants vents fat and grease onto the roof. With any other roofing membrane, these byproducts will breakdown the roofing membrane causing premature failure. Not with PVC, however.

PVC is resistant to fire. It is extremely difficult to ignite. In fact, when the source of the fire is eliminated, PVC will extinguish itself.

PVC is also extremely durable. The seams are heat-welded. This create a watertight bond between the sheets, which is actually stronger than the membrane itself. In the end, you end-up with a roofing membrane that is essentially one large, tough membrane.

Because it’s white, PVC helps lower your Summer cooling bill by reflecting heat away from your building. Grey and tan are also available. However, only white and tan are Energy Star© Rated.

Lastly, PVC is resistant to high winds, which we get here in Fort Collins. Actually, it has been documented that PVC has withstood up to Category 3 hurricane winds.

Of the four single ply roofing systems we offer, a new PVC roof is the most expensive. It is also the shortest lived at around 20 years.


If you aren’t a restaurant in Fort Collins, yet still have a flat or low-slope roof, a new TPO roof is an exceptional single ply roofing product. If you have a department store or warehouse, in Fort Collins, or a medical or dental office, or are in manufacturing, TPO is a great product for you.

TPO fits nicely between PVC and EPDM, in terms of cost, longevity, and benefits.

Like PVC, TPO seams are very strong – stronger than the membrane itself. This also makes it high wind resistant. TPO membranes are still very strong. Fleece-backed TPO offers excellent hail resistance. TPO is also dirt, bacteria, algae, and mold resistant. TPO is not resistant to fire, grease, or fat, however.

TPO roofing comes in a variety of colors, such as green, brown, tan, and grey, as well as the standard white. White will reflect the most heat, however, if energy efficiency is a high priority.

Because TPO doesn’t have plasticizers in it, it’s considered more ‘green’ and recyclable, non-toxic and non-hazardous.

Although TPO costs less than PVC, it lasts longer then PVC – around 5 to 10 years longer.


EPDM, also known as a ‘rubber roof’, is another great single ply roofing product with its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. For starters, it’s among the least expensive of the four commercial roofing products we offer to install or repair, yet it’s also the longest lasting, at around 30 years.

Who in Fort Collins is a new EPDM roof for? Any commercial building with a low-sloped roof where there’s no cooking, baking, etc. For example, department stores, auto repair and tire shops, warehouses, etc. Also, any low-sloped residential roofs, such as home additions, detached garages, sheds, etc. A lot of RVs and camper trailers have an EPDM roof.

EPDM comes in a wide range of widths. For example, up to 50′. As a result, there are fewer seams. Fewer seams means fewer opportunities for leaks, since seams are often where leaks occur.

Although standard EPDM is black, an optional white layer is available. White will help reflect heat away from your building during the warm Summer months, which helps to lower your cooling bill.

Modified Bitumen

You can basically think of modified bitumen (also called ModBit) as an asphalt shingle on a large roll. It’s asphalt, fiberglass, and granules. That’s basically what an asphalt shingle is.

Where is modified bitumen used in Fort Collins?

modified bitumen on low slope on steep slope roof
modified bitumen on low slope of steep slope roof

Most businesses in Fort Collins do not use modified bitumen. Although, you will find some ModBit on low-slope sections of a generally steep-slope houses. Home additions also sometimes use it because it comes in a small range of colors to match popular asphalt shingle colors. EPDM is generally preferred for home additions and detached garages.

ModBit costs a little more than asphalt shingles, generally, and lasts around 15 years. Like asphalt shingles, it is flexible and often easy to repair. It is wind resistant, since it’s essentially one large membrane. Modified bitumen is prone to warping or rippling, however.

Steep Sloped Commercial Roofing

Not all commercial buildings are flat or low-sloped. A lot of small offices around Fort Collins have steep slopes. Therefore, the above single-ply membranes won’t work. If you have a steep-sloped commercial building in Fort Collins and are in need of a new roof, we offer these steep-sloped roofing options:

  • asphalt shingles
  • stone-coated metal shingles
  • standing seam metal panels
  • tile

To install these steep-sloped roofing materials, we have a dedicated residential roofing crew that only installs and repairs steep-sloped roofing materials. Like our dedicated commercial roofing crew, our residential roofing crew is committed to what they do. Because they only install the above steep-sloped roofing materials, they are quick and efficient.

When you’re ready for a new roof for your commercial building, you can trust Bob Behrends Roofing. Our manufacturers backup our work with a warranty of their own, and we back our work with our 5-year workmanship warranty. Contact us for a free no-obligation inspection and/or estimate.

Completed Fort Collins Commercial Roofing Projects

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