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Quick quiz:

What's the difference between commercial and residential roofing shingles?

That's actually a trick question. The answer is, nothing. Technically, there's no difference between the shingles themselves. Those shingles you see on your dentist's roof are the exact same shingles you can get for your home. They are not 'commercial', or heavy duty, or stronger in any way. You can, however, get better or lesser shingles, but better shingles can be installed on any roof that's within the correct pitch range. We know and understand this as a Colorado roofing company serving Greeley, Fort Collins, Denver, and surrounding areas.

All shingles are also installed the same way. Roofing shingles on a commercial building are installed the exact same way on your home. We don't use 'commercial' nails if the shingles are being installed onto a commercial building.

The only difference between commercial vs residential roofing shingles, is where they get installed. Roofing shingles that get installed onto a commercial roof, might be referred to 'commercial roofing shingles'. Roofing shingles that get installed onto a residential roof, might be referred to 'residential roofing shingles'.

Now, you will probably get asked if the job is for a home or commercial building, because the extended warranties work differently for commercial vs residential.

Not only are there several manufacturers making roofing shingles, but each manufacturer has lots of options to choose from. Owens Corning, for example, has 10 different varieties of roofing shingles, and each of those come in a wide range of colors.

What's more, looks can be deceiving. Some roofing material manufacturers make products that have the appearance of another roofing product. Take Boral Steel's Pine Crest Shake, for example. It looks like wood shake, but it's actually steel. Decra also makes metal roofing products that have the appearance of tile, shingle, or shake.

metal shingle roof


Shingles are shingles. There are no 'commercial' roofing shingles. There are no 'residential' roofing shingles, for that matter. They are just shingles. If someone refers to them as 'residential' roofing shingles, they are just shingles getting installed onto a residential building.

If a roofing company asks you if you want commercial or residential roofing shingles, press them further to make sure they aren't trying to sell you the same shingle at an inflated price for your commercial building. Contact Bob Behrends Roofing for all of your Colorado commercial and residential shingle needs.