Flat Roofing Project in Denver

Flat roofing isn’t just for commercial buildings. Some homes, home additions, and detached garages also have flat roofs, such as this residential flat roof in Denver, Colorado. This homeowner hired us to install a new .060 EPDM membrane for them, as well as custom flashing on the perimeter. EPDM is rubber. It’s among the longest lasting, yet least expensive single-ply flat roof membranes.

a flat roof we installed on this house in Denver
new residential flat roof for a customer in Denver

Flat Roof Options in Denver, CO

For the folks in Denver, we offer 4 flat roof options: Modified Bitumen, EPDM, TPO, and PVC. Modified Bitumen, also known as ModBit and SBS, is often used on low-slope sections of sloped residential roofs. It’s also common to find it on home additions. It’s essentially a large asphalt shingle on a roll. As mentioned above, EPDM is rubber. We also often install it on homes with flat roofs, home additions, detached garages, as well as for commercial applications, such as repair and service buildings. EPDM is among the more affordable single-ply membranes we install. TPO is also found on Denver residential flat roofs, home additions and detached garages, but more commonly found on commercial buildings, such as department stores, hotels and motels, and medical offices. PVC is the more expensive single-ply membrane. It’s more resistant to greases and fats, which is why restaurants often use it. Although it’s very durable, it doesn’t last as long as TPO and EPDM.

Modified Bitumen

ModBit is basically asphalt shingle on a long roll. It’s intended purpose is on low-slope sections of residential roofs. It’s also found on home additions. SBS comes in popular colors to blend-in with popular asphalt shingle colors. It has a fiberglass foundation and is flexible, just like asphalt shingles. SBS has a somewhat short lifespan of between 10-15 years. Cost-wise, it’s on the affordable end of the price spectrum.


EPDM also falls in the more affordable flat roof options for Denver customers. Oddly enough, it’s also among the longer lasting single-ply membranes we offer. You can expect your EPDM roof to last between 25 and 30 years if it’s not abused by hail and it’s taken care of. The only downside of it is, it comes in either black or white. Rubber, by it’s nature, is black. EPDM has zero curb appeal. White EPDM is actually black EPDM with a white layer added to it. If you’re looking for an energy-efficient single-ply membrane, consider TPO.


TPO is a great option for most residential flat roofs in Denver, CO. That’s because it’s energy-efficient by design, thanks to it’s white color. It’s also available in other attractive colors, such as brown, tag, grey, and green. It’s also recyclable. TPO is on par with EPDM regarding cost. It’s considered a very durable flat roof product and often lasts as long as EPDM. TPO is a great flat roof product for your Denver flat roof, residential home addition, detached garage, or commercial building.


PVC is not recommended for Denver residential flat roofs, primarily for it’s cost. It’s often the most expensive of our flat roof options. PVC is often reserved for restaurants, because it’s highly resistant to animal fats and greases. If regularly maintained, you should expect around 20 years out of your new PVC roof.

When you’re ready for your new residential flat roof in Denver, CO, contact us for a free consultation and estimate. We have a dedicated single-ply roofing crew, which makes them specialized. On all our flat roofs we install, we offer a 5-year workmanship guarantee. We are a qualified single-ply installers of Versico, Mulehide, Genflex, Johns Manville and IB Roof Systems. This allows us to offer 10, 15 and 20-year labor and material warranties on commercial roofing jobs.