Your Longmont New Roof Options

When shopping around for your Longmont new roof options, the city says you can have any roofing material you like, as long as it’s rated to withstand winds of 110mph or greater. That includes asphalt shingles, wood shake, concrete, clay or slate tiles, stone-coated metal shingles, and standing seam metal panels. There may be additional requirements based upon individual situations due to high wind, ice build-up, or snow. We’ve assembled the below list of residential roofing options for your Longmont home that we offer for your convenience.

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Asphalt Shingles

The majority of the asphalt shingle products from the manufacturers we offer are 110mph+ wind rated and warrantied. We offer steep-slope roofing products from only the best, such as Owens Corning, GAF, CertainTeed, Malarkey, and Tamko. Although the below asphalt shingle products are warrantied for winds 110mph or higher, not all are Class 4 impact rated. Class 4 impact rated roofing products are more durable than Class 3 or below, and as a result, will last longer. Class 4 impact rated shingles will cost more initially than non-impact rated ones, but they last longer, so they should cost less in the long run. Wondering if impact resistant shingles are worth the additional cost?

If asphalt shingles are what you’re after, and if you can afford it, you should also opt for an asphalt shingle that’s made with a little rubber in it. Take Owens Corning’s TruDefinition Duration Storm vs Flex shingle lines, for example. Both are Class 4 impact rated – the highest impact rating – but their Flex shingles are a rubberized asphalt shingle, which makes them a little more flexible and therefore a little more durable than their other shingles.

Owens Corning

Oakridge, TruDefinition Duration, TruDefinition Duration Designer, TruDefinition Duration Flex, TruDefinition Duration Storm, Woodcreft, Berkshire, Woodmoor


Timberline NS, UHD, AS II, Grand Canyon, Camelot II, Grand Sequoia, Woodland, Grand Sequoia AS


Grand Manor, Carriage House, Belmont IR, Presidential Shake TL, Landmark TL, Presidential Shake IR, Presidential Shake, Landmark Pro, Landmark Premium, Landmark, Landmark Climateflex


Highlander NEX AR, Vista AR, Legacy, Legacy Scotchgard, Windsor Scotchgard


Titan XT, Stormfighter IR, Heritage, Heritage Vintage, Elite Glass-Seal

new slate roof tiles
Concrete Slate Roofing Tiles. Photo courtesy Westlake Royal Roofing.

Concrete or Clay Roofing Tiles

According to Westlake Royal Roofing, their clay and concrete roofing tiles sustain winds of 125mph or more. So, these roofing products are another option to our Longmont customers. Advantages of clay and concrete roofing tiles is that they’re recyclable, unlike asphalt shingles. When we remove your old worn-out clay or concrete roof, we do our best to find a local recycling facility and deliver it to them. This keeps your old roof out of the local landfill. This makes them a ‘green’ roofing solution. Also, clay and concrete roofing tiles are cool, so they help lower your Summer utility bill. What’s more, even though they’re among the most expensive roofing product available initially, they’re among the least expensive in the long run since they last so much longer than asphalt shingles, at around 70 years or more.

metal wood shake shingle
Metal wood shake shingle. Courtesy Westlake Royal Roofing

Stone-Coated Metal Shingles

Most, if not all, of the stone-coated metal shingles we offer, such as those from Westlake Royal Roofing, meet Longmont’s 110+mph wind requirements. Metal roofing shingles and tiles are the best of both asphalt shingle and metal panels in that they resemble shingles or tile, yet last a lot longer. If you like the barrel look of traditional clay tiles, or the appearance of asphalt shingles or wood shake, but want the longevity of metal, stone-coated metal tiles or shingles is what you’re after. The metal foundation of this products makes them last 70 years or more. Also, because they’re metal, they’re recyclable, unlike asphalt shingles.

Standing Seam Metal Panels

All of our standing seam metal roofing panels are UL 580 Wind Uplift (Class 90) rated. This means they’re 110mph+ warrantied and available to our Longmont customers. If you’re shopping for a new roof, you should seriously consider standing seam. For one, it’s recyclable. That means it stays out of the Longmont landfill. And, when we remove your old metal roof, we do our best to find the nearest recycling center and delivery it to them.

A standing seam metal roof is also among the longest-lasting, often lasting 70 years or more. As a result, it’s often less expensive than asphalt shingles in the long run. The average lifespan of mid-grade asphalt shingles is about 30 years.

Another nice thing about metal roofing panels is all the colors they come in. Our metal roofing panels come in over 2 dozen colors. Most asphalt shingles, on the other hand, come in around a dozen, if you’re lucky.

Lastly, standing seam metal roofing helps to cool your home during the hot Summer months. In fact, it’s considered the coolest roofing material available. As our climate gets warmer, this feature is becoming more important to our Longmont customers.

Wood Shake

Although wood shake and wood shingles are allowed in Longmont, we don’t recommend them. A natural wood shake roof looks great. A wood shake roof is one of the classic roofing options. However, they have their drawbacks. For one, they are expensive. In fact, they are one of the most expensive roofing options for Longmont. For a 1500sf roof, expect to pay around $15,000 for new wood shake roofing material and installation. This is about as much as standing seam metal panel roofing or stone-coated metal shingles, which lasts about twice as long as wood shake. If a wood shake roof is to last any length, it needs to be treated. Unfortunately, treated wood roofing is not recyclable.

Wood shake is also high maintenance. A wood shake roof needs to be treated every 1 to 3 years. Because it’s wood, it absorbs moisture. Therefore, they need to constantly be checked for mold, mildew, and rot. A wood shake roof is relatively short-lived, at around 30 years. This is on par with average asphalt shingles, and less than half the length of any metal or tile roofing product.

Great alternatives to wood shake roofing are concrete tiles and stone-coated metal shingles. They both resemble wood shake in appearance, yet last a lot longer, which also makes them less expensive. Both are recyclable, which makes them environmentally-friendly.

Our Longmont New Roof Recommendation

Your Longmont new roof options are plenty, even given the 110mph+ requirement. Initially, asphalt shingles will be your cheapest option. Metal and tile is most expensive initially, but the least expensive long-term. If the environment is a concern, stick with standing seam metal roofing panels.

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